Saturday, February 7, 2009

Savings thus far and some tips...

Recently I joined a few coupons and deals sites, as well as a sweepstakes site - a few of my early coups have been winning some gift cards.

Free money so far over 2 months?

A $25 gift card for which I quickly converted into a rite-aid gift card because there's one near my office.

Two $25 Visa gift cards from a Miller sweepstakes.

A $50 Visa gift card in a blog contest.

A $50 Best Buy gift card in a Microsoft contest.

A $50 gift card for from the Meet Mike sweepstakes.

A $25 gas card.

A $25 grocery card (not actually won, given from the grocer after I wrote a complaint letter)

$10 in amazon gift codes searching with swagbucks.

Mind you, I'm still determining what to do with the gas card seeing as how I dont have a car but thinking I should hang on to it hoping I save enough money this year to actually take a vacation and rent a car. The discovery gift card will make for some nice christmas gifts for my boyfriend's nephews.

Total in free cash so far to do as I please with it: $285 and that's a fine start.

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