Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oh, how I love thee.

I feel like a damn fool, I hadnt keyed into until recently when they were running a 70% off sale with a super secret code.

I browsed the site and found 3 of my favorite restaurants listed and sat, frozen almost in shame, staring at the savings and calculating how much money I could have saved at these three restaurants alone over the past few years.

At any given moment even these coupons at full price are still a pretty decent deal but at $3 a pop they were a steal.

Haveli restaurant, one of the best on indian restaurant row, as well as one of the most expensive is participating. A coupon for $25 off a purchase of $50 or more in food. So go ahead, order that lobster curry at $24.95, it's essentially free after whomever you're with orders dinner and you order appetizers, rice, and their heavenly na'an bread. Or better yet, ditch the lobster curry and order an extra entree or two and take it to go. Indian leftovers are heavenly.

A restaurant local to me, Cono and Sons, has an equally as good deal but their coupon also covers wine. I snagged a few $50 coupons for $6 each, and total purchase all in has to be $100. However, Tuesday nights at Cono is "Wine Night" all bottles of wine are half off. So that means that $85 bottle of pinot will already be on sale half off when I roll in with my coupon. The way I see it, Tuesday night my boyfriend and I will have a ridiculously expensive bottle of wine, some calamari, some seafood entrees and skate out of there with a $50 check. Nothing to be mad at.

Currently is having another coupon sale good through 2/9/2009, making those $25 vouchers $5 each. Coupon code is: CUPID

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