Saturday, February 28, 2009

Everyday things you need that can get for free or nealy free.

Dont ever pay full price for any of these items, between sales and coupons you should be able to get some of these items for free or nearly free. Your best bet is combining coupons with sales and rebate campaigns from drug stores like Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens.


In New York cereal typically runs around $4 to $5 a box, however, lucky for you nearly every weekend in the Sunday paper, someone has a cereal coupon or two. If you dont grab the Sunday paper, you can always search online for coupons. For example:

This past week Rite Aid ran a sale for 2 for 1 on Fiber One cereal, all varieties, starting price was $4.29 a box. I managed to be sitting on a few coupons for $1 off per box. Net cost per box of Fiber One? $1.15 or $2.29 total which is a far cry from the $8.58 cost of buying the cereal on any given day and about a 75% savings.


Luckily for all of us, the deodorant industry is highly competitive. CVS tends to be more aggressive in this area than some of the other drug stores. A couple months back they put Secret deodorants on sale for $2.99 then offered an ECB of $2.99 making that item free. Every weekend I find coupons for deodorants, clip them and wait for them to go on sale. The most recent deal I got in that area was from Rite Aid, the new Secret Flawless which usually runs about $6 was on sale for $3.99, again a $2 off coupon in this weekend's paper brought the cost down to $1.99 each.


Last week Walgreens ran a sale on Colgate toothpaste, $1 per tube. In last Sunday's coupons there was a coupon for colgate for $.50 bringing your net cost down to 50 cents at Walgreens. I am a bit more fussy about toothpaste but you can still get some good deals out there if you keep your eyes open. Rite Aid put all sorts of Crest toothpastes on sale for $2.99, including my favorite, the crest pro health whitening which usually runs almost $5 a tube. This Sundays coupons yielded an additional $1 off coupon so I stocked up. Savings of almost $3 per tube.

Pain relievers/OTC medicines

I have two other awesome Rite Aid examples from last week. The new Rite Aid was offering a $5 rebate on the new new Claritin liqui-gels. They retail in the store for $19.99. On top of that $5 rebate if you grabbed the paper last sunday there was another coupon for $5 off bringing your total cost down to $10.

Rite Aid was also running another special, buy any three bayer products and get a free $10 Rite Aid gift card. I bought two 50 count bottles of aspirin and 1 bottle of their low dose aspirin for a whopping $10.97 all together. Total cost after getting that gift card back? 97 cents. That doesnt include applying a $5 coupon Rite Aid gave rebate customers for purchases of $20 or more on Friday and Saturday last week.

Hair Dye

All right so maybe you dont NEED hair dye, but those of us who dye our hair sure do. Another example from Rite Aid (Sorry, I think they tend to be the best at helping maximize weekly coupons). Garnier Nutrisse was on sale for 2 boxes for $10 (usually runs around $7 a box) and they were offering another $5 rebate bringing the price down to $5, then couple that with the $2 off manufacturers coupon that was in the paper the week prior and your price went down to $1.50 a box.

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