Sunday, February 8, 2009

Free flowers or something...

For the past few days has been offering a free $50 gift card to the first 100 people per day who click on the promotional link on their home page. Sadly the promo runs on PST so instead of a quite reasonable midnight start time, for those of us on the east coast the promo started at 3am.

I had pretty much blown it off as I'm not usually up that late but for whatever reason last night I couldnt sleep and gave it a shot, sure enough I rocked the code. $50 in free FTD....sweet!

This morning I perused the site trying to figure out what I would get. I eyed some food gift baskets, primarily the wine and cheese baskets, some eli's cheesecake, and some of the spa baskets. Ultimately because shipping on perishables was just silly ($24.99) I figured I would nab a spa finder gift card. They're $75 plus $11 in shipping but I figured what the hell, $36 for $75 in desperately needed pampering was still a hell of a good deal.

Went through the motions and what did I find? is charging sales tax on gift certificates!!! WTF? For now I am going to chalk it up to a coding error as it's clearly a non taxable item in NY State. Gift certificates are non taxable but any goods and services purchased with them are taxable if indeed they fall under certain guidelines in NY City or State.

The NY State Dept of Taxation web site clearly states gift certificates are not taxable so if you're in NY and buying a gift certificate, don't let anyone charge you tax.

I wrote to FTDs General Counsel to clarify their policy and will report back.

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