Saturday, February 7, 2009

Finding the best deals on groceries...

I really didnt grasp how much money I was blowing until I signed up at

The premise of the site it quite simple, they take all of your local grocery circulars, put them in one place and allow you to search for the best deals based on your shopping list or what you might be looking for.

For example, I chose the following supermarkets to track: D'Agostinos, Food Emporium, Key Food, Met, Pathmark, Shoprite, Whole Foods. I also added some drug and discount stores for deals on snacks: CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, & Target. Sadly a couple of my locals are missing, including C-town so I'd have to go to their site and look at their circular online to find out this week they are offering Barilla pasta at $4 for 4 boxes (good through 2/12/09)

What I found was a bit astonishing, MET foods, even on sale was on average double in cost than other markets such as key foods.

However, with just a little looking around you can find some bargains. Last week at pathmark, 8th continent soymilk all flavors was 2 quarts for $5, Silk usually runs about $5 a quart and I usually buy a quart of chocolate soy milk per week.

Other local deals this week? Food emporium has Ben & Jerrys ice cream 2 for $6 - granted, they are limited flavors I remember Cookie Dough, Mint Cookie, & Coffee (although there were 3 or 4 more). They also have those A Taste of Thai Quick meals noodle boxes for $1.89 each (limit 4 per person with Food Emporium Club card) that usually run around $4.79 each. A cheap easy and yummy lunch for anyone but these are also vegan.

So, for savings I sorted out $4 off the ice cream and $2.90 per noodle box and managed lunch for a little over $2 a day as I will be adding baked tofu to my noodle boxes.

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