Saturday, April 25, 2009

Quick deals...

Sorry to be so slack in posting but there are a handful of really good deals out there today...

Pathmark (on sale through midnight thursday unless otherwise noted)

Brita Slim Pitcher $20.99 usually, $9.99 on sale with card
Blackberries .98 cents container, through midnight Sunday
Florida's Natural, not from concentrate $1.88 per quart, through Sunday midnight
Tribe Hummus, 1/2 off...usually $3.99 on sale 2 for $4
Haagen Daaz ice cream 2 for $6, purchase 4 and get get a $4 coupon (which I used for that purchase) so essentially $2 a pint

Key Food (on sale through midnight thursday)

Organic Valley Milk: $3.99 a quart
House Foods Tofu products, includes shirataki noodles, organic tofu, Tofu Steak, etc 2 for $3
6 pack, Scotts Toilet Paper 2 for $8 (must buy 2)
Tropicana pure premium $2 per quart (with $25 purchase)

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