Saturday, April 11, 2009

For the first time in ages, a great deal at Food Emporium

Man, the last good deal I remember at Food Emporium was those Taste of Thai noodle boxes a couple of months ago. I think they ended up being something wacky like $1.75 a box.

Lo and behold someone answered my prayers regarding organic milk...the only two places I can find in the city that carries organic milk by the gallon are Trader Joes (which has it at a reasonable price, $5.99 per gallon) and Whole Foods (which is not reasonable).

Food Emporium is running Organic Valley milk on sale at $2.89 a half gallon...which is a mere $5.78 a gallon...but the real joy in that is not the 21 cent savings but the relief I feel not having to stand in that loooooooooooooong line at TJs. Love you TJs but come on...more cashiers pls.

On sale at Food Emporium through 4/16...

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