Friday, April 3, 2009

How to rock Pathmark NYC this week

I have to admit, I had a killer run today at Pathmark...

For a mere $31.40 I loaded up on the following:

Two 48 ounce tubs of Sargentto Ricotta (on sale $3.99, plus $1 coupon each)
Three 16 ounce packages of Sargentto Mozzarella (on sale $1.99, plus $1 coupon each)
4 containers of Tropicana 50 Orange Juice (on sale $2.50 each, plus $1 coupon each)
2 containers of Silk Soymilk (on sale 2 for $6, plus $1 coupon each)
4 boxes of Wheat Thins artisan cheese crackers (on sale 2 for $4, plus two 2 for 1 coupons)
2 containers Breakstone's Sourcream (on sale $1.25 each, plus $1 coupon off 2)
2 loaves of Nature's Pride bread (on sale $2.50 each, plus $.55 coupon each)
5 cans diced tomatoes (on sale 5 for $5)

Total savings, between sale price and coupons??? $65.33

Dear Recession, you can suck it. I can STILL have orange juice, soy milk, and make a lasagna even if you're hanging around.


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