Saturday, March 7, 2009

Quit smoking for free in New York.

Ah smokers. You are indeed plentiful in the city. I smoke. I neeeeeeeeeeeeed to quit. My boyfriend does as well and we are both going to try and embark on that journey.

Smoking in New York is expensive, really expensive. We smoke American Spirits, those run up to $10 a pack in the city. At a pack a day for 2 people, that's about $600 a month in cigarettes, $6600 a year. That could pay for a couple of really nice vacations.

I never thought I'd say this but 311 to the rescue. They referred me here:

Most New York state residents qualify for a free program in NY to quit smoking. They'll send you free patches and gum to help you quit. They do want to call you and follow up, if you stay on course they will keep sending you patches or gum until you quit.

Come on, it's free, like really free, like you dont even pay shipping and handling. So your choices are free and saving $3600 a year or spending $300 a month that I bet you dont have and dragging down your health.

So go ahead, quit smoking, it'll save you a ton of money and NY loves you enough to send free stuff to help.

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