Sunday, March 1, 2009

Go get some free toothpaste at Walgreen's this week.

Walgreen's is running a sale on a new toothpaste called Colgate MaxFresh or Colagate MaxWhite. All you need to do is roll up, buy one of the varieties and you get a quick register rebate of $3.29 good on your next purchase.

Bundle that with the $.50 coupon on any Colgate from last week's Sunday coupons and you make $.50 on the deal.

For some reason, the Walgreen's at union square is issuing $3.50 credits on the toothpaste so I got a plus of $.71

I'll go back tomorrow, pick up their 2 for $5 deal on Formula 409, couple that with two $1 coupons on 409 for this morning's coupons and I got a pretty sweet deal.

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